The ultimate tool to create high-quality animations directly in the browser.

Available on Mac

Jaw-dropping animations
made in seconds

Spirit Studio

  • Keyframes

    Spirit Studio uses keyframes, just like other industry-standard animation tools. Simply change an element attribute, set a keyframe, rinse and repeat. It's that easy!
  • Live Edit

    Edit your animations live in the browser and see changes immediately. Consider Spirit as the WYSIWYG editor for web animations. Animating is fun again, seriously.
  • Play / Control

    Spirit Studio exports animation data and comes with a web player to control and play your created animations in production. Lightweight and extremely powerful.

Bring your ideas to life

Spirit is built for designers & developers

Live Edit

It's almost plug and play, simply connect Spirit Studio to any webpage, add elements to your animation and start animating in real time.

No Code Required

With Spirit Studio you can visually compose your animations, whether you know how to code or not. Focus on the aesthetics and timing of your animation.


You can fine-tune your animations anytime and in every detail, simply (re)connect a web page and edit your animations. Yes, even in production.


As Spirit originated to be a web animation tool, we are working hard to make Spirit available for other platforms.

Want to learn more? See Getting started.



Version 1.2.0 · macOS 10.11 or later required

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